Why am I getting the message "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?".

This message appears because photos and text are appearing together on encrypted pages. This isn't a security risk and the security messages can be turned off.

If you are using Firefox or non-Microsoft browsers there is a simple solution – indicate that you want to view the insecure content and tick "don't show this dialogue again". Microsoft browsers don't have this option and to get rid of the warnings you need to adjust your settings.

To do this, go to "tools->internet options". Click the "security" tab and ensure the "internet" zone is highlighted before proceeding.

Then click the "Custom level" button. In the long list of settings, find the "Miscellaneous" section and then find the "Allow mixed content" setting. There's no quick way to find them, you just have to search through the list. For the "Allow mixed content", select "enable". Then click "ok" – DON'T CLICK "RESET" – and then click "ok" again.